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    9 Bohdana Khmelnytskogo St.,
    office 20,
    Kiev, Ukraine
    Phone+380 97 4007051

    About us


    Apartments in Kiev city center are best alternative to Kiev hotels!

    Somewhere in the beginning of the century we happened to be involved in the short term Kiev apartment rental business as an operator. Our goal was to band Kiev short time visitors together with owners of apartments for rent.

    This idea seemed to be a very attractive. At that times, there have been no Kiev hotels of acceptable quality, and cost of a tiny unsighty Kiev hotel room could sum up to a transcedental amount. Kiev apartments, in comparison to hotels, were more comfortable, more spacious and newly renovated, as a rule.

    However, some time passed and weak sides of this apartment business became evident. Each owner offered one or two apartments for rent. And of course, each owner, had his own ideas as to cleaning up, linen quality and even its tidiness, not to mention availability of essentials, such as an iron, or forks and knives. It became clear that one can expect the most unpleasant surprises from any apartment.

    Soon after that we decided to make a renovation in our own apartment, furnish and equip it for the short time rent, in accordance with the experience we have gained.

    In spite of remoteness from the city center, this Kiev apartment enjoyed a steady demand. Guests, which used to stay in other more spacious and very attractively located apartments, always tried to reserve our apartment namely for future visits. Eventually, we terminated mediation and increased proposal of our apartments. All the apartments we offer are either our property or under our operation. This way we can equip and supply the apartments according to our high standard, maintain them in good condition and provide excellent service.

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